Dianthus Heritage Grower Fact

Text Box:  Dianthus Heritage

Dianthus barbatus

COLORS AVAILABLE: Crimson, Purple , Rose Eye, White
FLOWER/GARDEN SIZE: Flowers form dense globe-like clusters 2.5-3.5 inches (6-9 cm) in diameter, 16-20 inches tall in the garden.
NOVELTY CHARACTERISTIC: No vernalization requirement for flowering (blooms first year), day length neutral
MARKET USE: Excellent in mass plantings, can be used as a focal plant in the garden, knee-high plants with sturdy stems are ideal as a home garden cut flower


SOWING: Tray size- 288 tray
FINISH CONTAINER: cell packs up to 5 pots, multiples in 6 or gallon containers

GERMINATION emergence 3-5 days / 70-75 F / cover seed Provide medium moisture
EC (POUR THRU METHOD): emergence to cotyledon expansion= 0.5-0.75 mS/cm cotyledon expansion to plug finish= 0.75 mS/cm
plug finish= 0.75-1.0 mS/cm
PLUG FINISH TIME: 5-6 weeks in a 288 tray

TRANSPLANT: 30-40 days after sowing
DAYS TO FLOWER: 70-85 days
TEMPERATURE: 55-65 F day / 40-55 F night
EC: 1.5-3.0 mS/cm (pour thru method)
pH: 6.2-6.8

COMMON DISEASE/PESTS: Alternaria leaf spot, root rots, Fusarium wilt / thrips, whitefly

- Some suggested PGR applications are as follows1:
a) Bonzi drench (.75-1.0 ppm) applied directly to seed trays following emergence.
b) Sumagic drench (1-1.5 ppm) applied 1 week after transplant.

- Has been awarded to all Heritage colors.