Chaenorhinum Arista Grower Fact

Chaenorhinum Arista

Featuring the darkest flowers of any on the market, this First Year Flowering Perennial is less spreading and more compact, making it less breakable and more appealing at retail. The semi-cascading plants have good center flowering and finely textured foliage. Great candidate for Spring mixed container programs with pansies and alyssum. Makes a good groundcover and also works well in containers.

Sow time : January for May flowering May for August flowering
Seeds/plug : 4
Cover seed : no
Germination weeks : Stage 1: 7-10 days Stage 2: 14-16 days
Plug weeks : 6-8 weeks
Finish weeks : 10-16 weeks
Height : 15-18 cm/6-7"
Hardiness zone : 7-9